Judge Betty Calvo-TorresI am running for re-election as a Buffalo City Court Judge. I have been privileged to serve as one of your Buffalo City Court judges since 2007.

I can never forget my duty to you and to our city and will be forever grateful that you have let me serve you in this way. Buffalo is my home. I hope to continue to work for all of the residents of this wonderful city.

You may be wondering why this election matters to you. The answer is that Buffalo City Court, our city's court of first impression, addresses the matter we all worry most about – crime. From the most serious of crimes to the simplest violations, we handle it all. In fact, I handle thousands of criminal cases a year. Additionally, I've also handled civil matters and tenant/landlord matters.

During my tenure, I also served as the Presiding Domestic Violence Court judge, exclusively handling criminal domestic violence cases. With stakes this high, we can all agree that Buffalo must have judges who will act in a fair, impartial, and principled manner. This goal can be achieved only if we have sensible, tough, and dedicated judges on the bench.

My promises to you are the same promises I made and kept during my first judicial campaign. I promise to be fair, tough, yet compassionate, and to uphold the law as it is written. If you review my work as a Buffalo City Court judge, you will find a record of fairness, impartiality, devotion to the rule of law, and good old fashioned hard work.

Experience is the best qualification for a member of the judiciary. Buffalo City Court is a busy and demanding court. We need judges who have established records demonstrating that they know the law and the courts, understand the real world outside the courthouse, and are able to apply their knowledge to the cases before them.

On other pages of this website, you can see details of my experience as a prosecutor, and as a private practitioner and law guardian, in addition to my extensive community service. I am also a wife, a step-mom, and mother. All of these experiences have taught me that responsibility, integrity, compassion, and a strong work ethic must be my guiding principles.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please enjoy the website and visit it often. I hope you will join the many other City of Buffalo residents who are supporting my campaign for re-election as one of your Buffalo City Court judges.

Judge Betty Calvo-Torres